CASITA II Quarterly Report No. 3 ADPC: CASITA II Quarterly Report No. 3

Published on: 10/15/2005

Language: English

Author(s): Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

Department: Resilient Cities and Urban Management

Type: Project Reports

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Publication Overview/Description

The main activities that have been implemented and the main results achieved according to the initial work plan and logical framework. Highlight and justify any divergence and difficulties encountered

The overall progress of the project has been as planned and it is foreseen that the project will clearly contribute towards the aim of Asia IT&C Programme. In the third quarter of the project, the activities were implemented as planned, i.e. finalisation of the guidelines for joint research program and support for curriculum development in the selected universities and joint research work, preparation of a plan for the distance education course, visit by ITC faculty to all the partner universities for research collaboration feedback, further website development and publication of two joint papers with partner Universities. There were two workshops on Research collaboration by the ITC, one with Ruhuna University, 27 – 28th June 2005 and second on Curriculum Development and Joint Research with Gadjah Mada University on 2-8 July 2005.

The foundation and the preparatory work for the Mid Term workshop on CASITA Phase 2 as well as the refresher course was also started, in a very effective manner, by ADPC and ITC.