RCC Guideline: Promoting Use of Disaster Risk Information
in Land-use Planning ADPC: RCC Guideline: Promoting Use of Disaster Risk Information <br> in Land-use Planning

Published on: 06/30/2011

Language: English

Author(s): Regional Consultative Committee on Disaster Management (RCC)

Department: Safer Development Planning and Implementation

Type: Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

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Publication Overview/Description

This Guideline is specific on promoting use of disaster risk information in land use planning. While national development plans, sectoral plans and poverty reduction strategy papers (may collectively be referred to as socioeconomic development plans), are utilized by governments to define their road map for achieving sustained economic growth and poverty reduction, land use plans regulate the use of land to maximize the interaction of man and its land resources towards achieving socioeconomic development objectives. Ideally, land use plans are long-term in timeframe (at least 10 years) to guide the locational dimension of short-to-medium term socioeconomic development plans, programs and projects, based on projected population levels and development trends.Land use plans specify the location of residential areas, economic activities such as agriculture, industries, tourism development areas, public facilities and services, and protected areas, and transportation networks that interlink all of these areas. Land use plans comprehensively cover the territorial jurisdiction of a specific planning unit, both rural and urban areas.