Developing Disaster Risk Reduction Related Capacities in Chennai, India

Duration: 16 Aug 2018 - 31 Dec 2018

Department: ACD

Donor Agency: Cooperation between ADPC and Tamil Nadu Disaster Risk Reduction Agency (TNDRRA)

Location: India,



Given the background of and mutual interest for future collaboration, this memorandum outlines the framework of cooperation between TNDRRA and ADPC on continuing joint training services, strengthen training capacity of TNDRRA through holistic capacity building consisting of knowledge sharing, lesson learnt, peer to peer learning and training and education on disaster risk reduction through mutually identified means and modalities.?


1. Establish robust training, and capacity development systems

-?To jointly conduct training need assessment (TNA) and come up with appropriate strategy for training services development and?delivery that will addresses the specific and diverse demand of the target groups.
- To identify potential areas of training and capacity development in line with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR): 2015-2030 objectives.

2. Development and Delivering of Prioritized Training Courses

-?To conduct prioritized trainings on specific themes and sub-themes on DRR as identified and agreed upon by TNDRRA and ADPC.
- To conduct International Trainings, Seminars, Workshops, Study and exposure visits.
- To conduct disaster management training to various Department officials and Community Organizations.

3. Promote DRR Knowledge, Experience Sharing of International Practices

-?To explore jointly the opportunity for organizational capacity development through staff exchange for short duration, in-house workshop for knowledge sharing and transfer, and other learning activities under specific agreed terms and conditions.?
- To explore the opportunity to develop joint initiatives to promote DRR Knowledge building including joint research, seminar and academic meetings, study documentation and case study on specific DRR themes and sub-themes.
- To support and promote knowledge sharing at state, national and international level.