Support to The Implementation of The Project Improvement of Agricultural Livelihoods and Resilience for Conflict Affected Communities in Ethic Minority Area-OSRO

Duration: 3 Feb 2017 - 30 Mar 2017

Department: ACD

Donor Agency: FAO

Location: Myanmar,


This project is to support of the "Improvement of Agricultural Livelihoods and Resilience for Conflict Affected Communities in Ethnic Minority Areas" - OSRO/MYA/601/JPN. to enable ADPC to provide the Services.?


1.? The services will contribute to the implementation of the project OSRO/MYA/601/JPN, which has the overarching objective of improved household food security and increased resilience to floods and cyclones in conflict and natural:

a)? A total of 6,400 small-scale farmers and their households in 9 townships in Rakhine and Chin States will be supported and their food security and resilience strengthened;

b)? Enhanced knowledge on DRR systems in agriculture in Rakhine and Chin States, as well as DRR Capacity building activities strengthened for farmers, communities and state actors;

c)? Grants and machinery that will benefit a wider population (an additional 6,000 households.); and

d)? Coordination and knowledge sharing that will involve around 50 organisations at local, state and national level.


Contributing to project result (b) ADPC will produce, achieve or deliver the following putput;

Output 2: Institutional analysis of DRR systems in agriculture at state level completed and capacity building needs identified with specific focus on Rakhine state

Undertake an asseseement of state and community DRR systems in agriculture in Rakhine, and related capacity of community and state partners

Awareness raising and training of representatives of community-based organisation on DRR/CCA (basic concepts and principles, tools, examples of good practices)


ADPC will undertake the following activities across:

-? Support the conduct of an assessment of state and community DRR system in agriculture in Rakhine state following and FAO-provided module/ approach.?

-? Conduct 2 Batched (NayPyitaw and Rakhine) of Trainings related to DRR and CCA in Agriculture.?

-? Conduct Scoping Workshops and Introductory Trainings on selected specialized DRR topics.