Upscaling Awareness, Preparedness and Prevention for Technological Accidents in Developing Countries in The Asia Pacific Region.

Duration: 15 Jul 2015 - 30 Nov 2015

Department: ACD

Donor Agency: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Location: Thailand,


UNEP agreed to co-operate with ADPC with respect to the project/programme entitled 'Upcaling awareness, preparedness and prevention for technological accidents in developing countries in the Asia Pacific region. Project objective which the small-scale funding contributed were: To establish a regional network of experts and trainers for future implementation of APELL programme in the Asian region and strengthen the capacity of selected regional trainers regarding APELL who would in turn support in building capacities within the region at national and eventually community level too.


1. Selection of Regional Training and Development of Training materials

2. Regional Workshop Delivery