44th Regional Training Course on Disaster Management

Duration: 10 Nov 2014 - 28 Nov 2014

Department: ACD

Donor Agency: Course fee

Location: Thailand,


This course aimed to provide necessary and useful fundamental knowledge and skills of disaster risk management in order to enhance the capabilities of disaster managers who wish to reduce the impact of disastrous events on communities. The subjects covered in the DMC cut across multi-hazard, multi-level, multi-agency, and multi-disciplinary facets, and address both event-related activities as well as those activities that need to be undertaken on a day-to-day basis prior to the occurrence of disaster events.


Delivering the knowledge and skills on Disaster Management for government officials responsible for disaster management policy and planning; IFRC/ ICRC; international and local NGOs; NGOs involved in the areas of disaster risk reduction, response and recovery.Staffs from training institutes and other agencies responsible for knowledge dissemination on disaster risk reduction and management as well as training of trainers; persons involved in coordination of disaster management activities (e.g., defense forces and emergency services); UN agencies.