Mongolian Journalists−reporting on disaster mitigation and preparedness (RedMap) to save lives

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Mongolian Journalists learnt the concept of disaster management and how they can save lives through reporting. In a two-day media workshop held in Ulaanbaatar in April, 40 journalists were introduced to the concept of a One Man Journalist (OMJ) that spells out how simple devices, from mobile phones to tablets, can be used to report on disaster mitigation and preparedness actions.

Participants discuss gender-inclusive and rights-based approaches in two-day Regional Sensitization workshop

Bangkok, Thailand – ADPC was joined by participants to discuss the integration of gender-inclusive agendas and practices across disaster management frameworks. Participants were encouraged to highlight current issues, opportunities for development and potential entry points for realizing a gender-inclusive and rights-based approach across future projects within the Asia-Pacific region. The meeting also introduced the BRDR program and ADPC’s newly appointed Senior Gender Advisor.

GIDM and ADPC join hands for Capacity Building on Management of Disasters

Bangkok, Thailand – A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management (GIDM) and ADPC. Under the MoU, both institutions have agreed to jointly work for improving training services through development and sharing of Disaster Risk Reduction related technical expertise, joint research, documentation and knowledge exchange.

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