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  • Ms. Janette Ugsang

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)

Janette currently serves as Senior Project Manager under the Health Risk Management Department of ADPC. Janette is experienced in project management, training management and organization. She has been involved in strategizing, developing and writing proposals for funding. She is also responsible for the management of some of the PHE department's public health capacity building programs and provision of inputs to the development of these programs.

Additionally, Janette manages various international public health training programs at ADPC in the areas of public health emergency management, public health in complex emergencies, hospital emergency preparedness and nutrition in emergencies. She also provides support in the coordination of the Saudi HEART Project funded by the Saudi Red Crescent Authority.

Prior to ADPC, she worked in AIT serving in various capacities as Program and Research Associate at the Regional Energy Resources Information Center (RERIC) and AIT Alumni Association (AITAA). Janette has also experienced working with the government sector in the Philippines.

Janette obtained her Master of Science (MS) degree in Regional and Rural Development Planning at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok, Thailand.