iPrepare Business Annual Report 2015 ADPC: iPrepare Business Annual Report 2015

Published on: 12/02/2015

Language: English

Author(s): ADPC

Department: Disaster Risk Management System

Type: Annual Reports

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Publication Overview/Description

Various iniatives on private sector enagement in disaster risk reduction iPrepare Business implemented in 2015 including the regional project "Strengtheing Disster Resilience of Small, Mediuam Enterprises (SMEs) in Asia" supported by ADB's Intergrated Disaster Risk Manaegment Fund, financed by the Goverment of Canada, and the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development through GIZ within the framework of Global Iniatives on DRM (GIDRM), as well as� a JICA funded project "Area Business Continuity Management" in Thailand.