Reviewing inclusive rights-based approaches to DRR

Reviewing inclusive rights-based approaches to DRR

21 - 24 Oct 2019

Stockholm & Karlstad, Sweden

Mr. Hans Guttman, , Executive Director at ADPC presenting ADPC’s recent work and achievements

ADPC met with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency’s (MSB) at their Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and its office in Karlstad, Sweden to discuss future opportunities in disaster cooperation.

Ms. Anneli Begholm Söder, Director at MSB giving an overview of MSB’s activities

In Stockholm, ADPC explained its work in Asia and the Pacific region to Ms. Anneli Bergholm Söder, Director of Coordination and Operations at MSB and members of MSB’s Reference Group and Resilience Team. Special focus was given to ADPC’s Building Resilience through inclusive and climate-adaptive Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia-Pacific (BRDR) Program which promotes rights-based and gender-equal risk reduction approaches.

In Karlstad, MSB presented their Swedish Crisis Management and Risk Assessment System to ADPC. Learnings and experiences were exchanged through a roundtable discussion on Gender Equality Integration in MSB and ADPC’s BRDR program.

BRDR Steering Group Meeting

Members of the BRDR Steering Group pose for a group photo

The BRDR Steering Group Meeting was held on 24 October, 2019 to update partners on current progress that the program has made under each outcome and work stream, including current progress on integrating gender-equality and rights-based approaches. Furthermore, it was intended for the BRDR program to provide an update on its 2020 work plan including its provisional calendar and expected key deliverables and achievements.