SERVIR-Mekong grantees kick off innovative research

Bangkok, Thailand

SERVIR-Mekong personnel led a kick-off workshop for seven grantee organizations selected under the SERVIR-Mekong Grants Program at ADPC. The purpose of the event was to define roles and responsibilities, outline grant activities, and provide opportunities for the grantees to interact in person with SERVIR-Mekong staff.

Special lecture on Climate Change Adaptation by Professor Andreas Neef at ADPC

Bangkok, Thailand – Andreas Neef, Professor in Development Studies at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, held a special guest lecture at Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) that discussed climate change adaptation in the post-disaster recovery process.

ADPC and guests help guide Stenden University's disaster management curriculum

Bangkok, Thailand – ADPC participated in a Disaster Management Expert Session hosted by Stenden University Thailand and its sister campus Stenden South Africa.