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RCC 14 in Kathmandu on 3-5 December 2018

14th RCC meeting will took place in Nepal on the theme, “Policies and Practices for Coherence between Global Frameworks”

The 14th annual meeting of the Regional Consultative Committee on Disaster Management was co-organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), Nepal and ADPC.
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SERVIR-Mekong Connecting Space to Village in the Lower Mekong Region

SERVIR-Mekong is a geospatial data-for-development program that responds to the needs of Lower Mekong countries

SERVIR works to streamline access to data and imagery from satellites so analysts can integrate this information into tools and models that are accessible to those who need it most.
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Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) Localizing Humanitarian Response

Localizing Humanitarian Response Strengthening Local organizations and Leadership in the region

The Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) was established through partnership between Asian Disaster Preparedness Center and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for improving the preparedness and emergency response to disasters in Asia by strengthening humanitarian leadership and technical capacity of National Governments and Local Humanitarian Organizations so that they can lead and better engage in the humanitarian framework.
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Building Resilience through Inclusive and Climate-adaptive Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia-Pacific

Enhancing capacities of the most vulnerable in society

ADPC launched a five-year multi-stakeholders program──Building Resilience through Inclusive and Climate-adaptive Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia-Pacific (BRDR). With an aim of protecting development gains and enhancing regional cooperation for inclusive and gender-equal risk reduction approaches, the BRDR program is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and implemented jointly by ADPC, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI). Nepal, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines are the BRDR’s pilot countries.
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Strengthening Regional Cooperation

ADPC signs signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Nepal’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), Government of Nepal

ADPC signs signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Nepal’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), Government of Nepal, on 9 July to strengthening Nepal’s resilience against disasters and promote regional cooperation.

Enhancing capacities of the most vulnerable in society

Protecting Children through Community

China has suffered 151 earthquakes measuring from 6.5 to 7 on the Richter scale between 1964 and 2013.

ADPC publishes its Annual Report 2018

ADPC publishes its Annual Report 2018 that provides a summary of our contributions to build the capacities of governments and communities in disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate resilience (CR) across Asia and the Pacific. In 2018, ADPC's capacity building initatives reached over 6,000 people through 51 projects and 135 events implemented with support from 129 partners.

ADPC conducts 3rd gender in disaster risk reduction training

ADPC brought together 21 participants in a Gender in Disaster Risk Reduction (GDRR) training on 10 – 14 June, 2019. Participants were introduced to key concepts, addressed gender issues and presented with case studies, to better understand the need to stop overlooking the role of women in disaster management.

Consultation on the current status of disaster risk management in Lao PDR

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) jointly organized a consultation on the current status of disaster risk reduction in Lao PDR with the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. The meeting looked into the current DRM initiatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and provided recommendation on future plans to reduce disaster risk in Lao PDR.

ADPC launches a regional assessment of disaster risk management instutitions

ADPC launches a Regional Assessment of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Institutions in the South Asia Region (SAR). The stock-taking is expected to develop an overall picture, which defines the current state of affairs, including roles, responsibilities, and potential linkages of various DRM agencies─public, private sector, NGOs, etc.─in SAR.

Integrating disasters into reporting beats across the region

Media is an integral part of the disaster risk reduction (DRR) process. To enhance the technical knowledge of journalists on DRR, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) has been engaging with media in Asia and the Pacific under the overarching concept of Reporting on Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness (RedMap). ADPC held a series of events in PNG, the Philippines, Nepal, the Maldives and Thailand in April and May.

Raising awareness on the disaster risk environment for enhanced business resilience

ADPC brought together 85 participants to a seminar on “Understanding Disaster Risk Environment for Business Resilience” held in Thailand on 23 May, 2019. People from private and various other sectors shared their knowledge and good practices on how they have engaged in disaster risk reduction (DRR) and business resilience in Thailand.

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